Our personal Journey to a Dream happens every day.
Our goal is to create an environment where we can share our daily dreams, challenges and enthusiasm together.
Anyone can join. We give each other the most precious thing. Our own time.


We create projects where people can be on the move together. All without differences and without prejudice. It doesn't matter if someone is sitting in a wheelchair, has no legs, has other limitations or is completely healthy. Sport and movement in our conception is here for everyone. It is a joy, an opportunity to meet new people, to inspire each other, to gain new experiences, to learn to be open to the world around us. We are amateurs, enthusiasts and people who have just decided to get up from the couch and change something in their lives. We can support each other. We can be on the move and to live actively. We can be here for the family, work, learn, travel, have fun. Our personal journey to the dream takes place every day. Our goal is to create an environment where we can share our daily dreams, challenges and enthusiasm together. Anyone can join. We give each other the most valuable thing. Our own time."

The history of our organization began with a tragic fall. Heřman Volf, a former top athlete and businessman, was just forty years old and thought the sea was knee-deep. That nothing could happen to him. After all, everything worked great. He had a good job, a wife, two children, he was healthy and full of strength. The only thing he didn't have was time for his dreams. They were postponed to "sometimes" ... In the winter of 2006 he skied with family and friends in Herlíkovice. Night skiing. Heřman had decades of experience and most of the black slopes in the Alps. What could happen? But that evening he rode into a hole that was not supposed to be there and never got up again. The doctors saved his life, but Heřman was paralyzed. His whole life changed in a second. At that moment, you have to decide which way to go. And Heřman decided to live. And not only that. He realized how fleeting time was and no one knew how much he had left. So, despite sitting in a wheelchair, he decided to start fulfilling his dreams.

Within a year and a day, he rode down his fateful hill on monoski, a ski for wheelchair users. He started swimming, diving, went down the river again with his family and friends and discovered a handbike. Hand-powered bike. He decided to fulfill an old dream. Travel by bike from Prague to Paris. This expedition, symbolically called Journey to a Dream, became the cornerstone of today's organization, which bears its name.

Today, we organize several large and several smaller projects every year, in 2022 our project Metrostav Handy Cyklo Marathon won the "EU Sport Awards #BeInclusive" award for the best sports integration project in the field of diversity. After all, anyone who doesn't want to sit at home and come to have fun and play sports with friends can participate in all our projects. For us, sport is a platform that has the power to connect people, to help others. Every year we succeed in motivating new people to change to a better, more active life, which is our goal. Join us at one of our events, you are always welcome. 

The symbol 111 of Journey to a Dream has several meanings. It originated from our first sports project for the public, the Handy Cycling Marathon, a cycling event in which mixed teams of healthy and disabled people go around the Czechia on bicycles, 2222 km within a limit of 111 hours. Today, three ones express our attitude. We are all unique and at the same time we are equal. We can all pull together, form one society. It's up to us how we look at the world around us. That's why we also create our own products with the 111 logo. Wearing them means showing the world that we are open. It is an opinion and a symbol that unites us. Do you want to join? Or make someone else happy? Take a look at our e-shop 111 of Journey to a Dream.

Years ago, we wanted to introduce para-sport to the general public. We were looking for machines on which people could try the sport of the disabled. We have found that there is nothing like it. Nowhere in the world. So we decided to construct such exercise machines ourselves. It began, as always in similar cases, in the garage. Over time, we found partners, Czech engineers, Czech companies and dexterous hands who helped us realize our dream. We currently produce three types of exercise and rehabilitation machines. You can find out more in the PROJECTS - EXERCISE MACHINES section on our website.

From the beginning, we tried to be seen. Because if people see, what you're working on, you can really change the world. We have formed a team of young people, students, enthusiasts and we produce more than a hundred videos a year. We show the public our projects, sports events, but we also do interviews or publish interesting and inspiring life stories. Our videos prove that a person with a disability is not inferior in society, but vice versa. The stories of the people around us motivate and inspire the public. We would be glad if you check out our social networks and you might be surprised how many amazing life stories and inspiring people you have around you.

What unites us is not an institution, a membership, but an idea. If you like life on the move, you want to meet new people, share experiences without prejudices and unnecessary barriers, we will be glad if you join us. All you have to do is to decide, come to our events, spend time with us. We like sports, movement, action, we like to try new things, push the boundaries. But we don't pretend to be pros, world champions. We do not compete with each other, but we try to push our own possibilities. Each as much as we can and as much as we see fit. And if in a month, in a year, we can do much more, it's great! As we say, each of us has some handicap. Only often it's not obvious at first glance. Let's not pretend anything. Let's be honest and open. Let's have fun, spend time together and enjoy life. Because every day we can experience our personal journey to a dream. Just decide. If you want to change something in your life, it is not possible to look at what has been or will be. The time to live to the full is right now!

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