Metrostav Handy Cycling Marathon X
26th - 30th July 2022

Start: 26th July 2022, Prague
Finish: 30th July 2022, Prague

Přidejte se k nám na vybraných trasách


10th year of the 2222 km long cycling event around the Czech Republic,
across all 14 regions, within a time limit of 111 hours. 
Team relays of four- or eight-member mixed teams.
Women and men, healthy and disabled, all together in an amazing cycling journey for sports and cycling for all.


Four-member team of cyclists + support
(no number limit) / big cycling)

Eight-member team of cyclists + support 
(no number limit) / adventure cycling   

(electric drive is allowed only for handicapped cyclists in the team) 

Peloton of Hope
Peloton of Hope is a group of people who carry the message of good will, go around the Czechia on a shortened route and their goal is to spread the idea of sports and cycling for everyone in all regions of the Czech Republic. more info


Jubilee 10th year of a unique cycling event around the Czech Republic within a limit of 111 hours. This year with the theme of lookout towers. We have had 10 amazing years. It is time to recapitulate and symbolically look back on what we have experienced and accomplished together and also look at what awaits us in the days to come. In July, we will ride our bikes around Czechia again. Join us. Build a team and experience something unique. Those who have already run our marathon can confirm that you just have to experience this. Metrostav handy cycling marathon is intended for everyone who loves cycling, who likes movement and sports, but also for those who want to change something in their lives and overcome the challenge. 2222 km long route from Prague through 14 regions of the Czech Republic back to Prague. The time limit is 111 hours. The teams in the marathon are open to everyone. Women and men, amateurs, enthusiasts and professionals or legends. There must be at least one person with a disability in each team. The aim of our project is to connect people and open up sports and cycling to everyone. Together we prove that if we create a functioning team, nothing will stop us. It's an experience; it's a joy and a great adventure. We will be happy if you expand our 111 family.


  • Build an eight- or four-member team.
    Remember, the bigger the team, the less load on one cyclist.
  • There must be at least one handicapped cyclist in each team.
    If it is problematic for you, we will help you find a cyclist.
  • Each team chooses its patron, person or organization for which the team will ride the marathon. The support is primarily moral, but many teams also try to help the patron in other ways. How, it depends on everyone. For example, by donating your time and involving the patron in the event, or by organizing a collection to support the patron.
  • The route runs only in the Czech Republic, all fourteen regions.
    Individual checkpoints are located on lookout towers this year. The route is determined in advance by the organizer. The goal is not to deviate from the set route.
  • Three Base Camps will be prepared on the route, that means places where the team can relax, meet other cyclists, friends and fans. But there will also be competition bonuses, time trials.
  • The time trials, i.e. bonuses, where the teams compete, will be placed in Base Camps. Time trials traditionally take place on stationary handbike para-cycling simulators. You can find out more in the project propositions.
  • The team will receive a MOTO G POWER 7 mobile phone borrowed from the organizer at the start with our own GPS tracking application 111. This mobile phone works as a relay pin and the cyclists in the team pass it on along the route. The mobile phone records the location and displays it on a map located on the project website. Thousands of fans will follow you, day and night.
  • Using a mobile phone with 111 application, the team will scan QR codes in individual Checkpoints, thus confirming their position. Checkpoints are on the lookout towers this year.
  • It's more about pleasure from cycling and experience than fighting for a position. At the finish at the closing ceremony, we will announce the results according to the finish time, but the absolute winner of the marathon is the team that best represents its idea. Promotion of sport for all, support for the team patron, involvement and equal conditions for cyclists with disabilities or their number in the team.
  • Subterra Open Weekend is an adventure weekend that we organize for teams and their patrons in September each year. Every team patron and his/her accompaniment have the weekend fully paid from us. It is a place where we meet, have fun with movement and other activities and get to know each other's worlds. The goal is primarily to inspire team patrons to live a full and active life without fear of society. We learn to work as one team.



Perfect health condition  

Every cyclist must ride at least 100 km during the event 

I am interested in the marathon, but I have no experience with it. 

  • It is clear that one can be worried about such a large event. Will we make it? Can we build a team properly? How many accompanying cars should we have and what support team? And much more. Believe me, everyone went through this. If you are interested in participating, do not hesitate to contact us. We can offer you a personal, online or telephone consultation and we will answer everything you are interested in and advise you, what to look out for, what to avoid and what not to forget. You will find that this event is not complicated at all. 

2222 km nonstop around the Czech Republic is a huge portion. We couldn't do that. 

  • Believe that you can do it. Our marathon is ridden primarily by amateur cyclists. Often hobbies. The basis is to realize that this is a team relay. With simple math, you will find that you can divide the 2222 km route among up to eight team members. This means that one cyclist rides 280 km in five days. In 24 hours you will cover an average of 56 km. That doesn't sound so scary anymore. It is clear that you have to move on all the time, you solve many other issues during the race. Yes, this project is challenging. But it really is for everyone. 

I am interested and I would like to contact you for a consultation.

  • Great. The basis is to decide. The rest will be solved. If you are interested in a consultation, please contact the event director Heřman Volf directly. He has been riding this race himself since the first year. You will discuss everything you need together and he will possibly connect you to an experienced team in your region. Definitely don't be afraid to go.  


The entry fee for the race is divided into two categories. Commercial and non-commercial team.
Non-commercial team:
it is a team that does not start under the name and logo of a company. 

Commercial team:
it is a team that bears the name or logo of the company it represents.

For the entry fee, you will receive:

1. Borrowed mobile phone with data and application for tracking your location on the event map
2. Original metal commemorative medals for all cyclists in the team
3. The brochure with the route of the event with interesting places on the route and propositions in PDF
4. Stickers for two accompanying cars
5. Stickers for cyclists
6. Refreshments at the start, at the finish and in the three base camps of the event
7. Place for camping in base camps
8. Reflective spray, stickers and small gifts for the trip
9. Prizes for the winners of time trials, champagne in the finish and the like
10. Fully paid Subterra Open Weekend for the team's patron 

Non-commercial entry fee

8.490 czk

/ team

Commercial entry fee 

14.490 czk

/ team

  • As part of the commercial entry fee, the company logo can be associated with the project. The logo will be placed as an icon of your team on the presentation of teams on the web and on an interactive map where fans follow the movement of the teams. 
  • Upon request, we will provide the Cesta za snem logo and the Metrostav Handy Cycling Marathon in curves for use on your jerseys.


  • The team is registered by one representative. The team is not registered after filling out the form, but after approval of the team by the organizer and payment of the entry fee. By filling out the registration form, you are applying for registration in the Metrostav Handy Cycling Marathon project. We will contact you and send you further information, including information on the payment of the entry fee. We will be in touch and tune everything with you.
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